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ThoughtConduit 10 Includes the following enhancements.

Audio/Video: The application now supports multitrack recording of audio and video from any Apple supported device. Each track can be separately monitored in our unique display drawer. You can also capture the screen directly to a video track.

Scheduled Recording: We've updated the scheduler window so that you can more easily monitor your recording schedule. A ThoughtConduit document can now be saved as a template for scheduled recordings. Simply save the document as a template and add a schedule item which selects it. The document will be opened and recording will be enabled at the right time.

QuickTime VR: The new version incorporates the QTVR navigational features of the original system, with many enhancements and a much richer user interface. Users can navigate QTVR with either a mouse, speech commands, Apple Remote, MIDI and any Open Sound Control protocol-enabled tool such as the P5 Virtual Reality Glove or Max/MSP. Those navigations can be recorded, edited, played and saved for later retrieval. The editor allows for the most refined manipulation of the recorded navigations. You can also create linear movies that are simply a "fly through" around the VR space. This build provides an exciting new feature: The ability to record video from multiple cameras to be incorporated that into the QTVR or linear movies. One intended audience for this feature are those who wish to explore "shared VR". The user can be superimposed into the QTVR. Multiple users will be able to project themselves into a shared VR space. Another intended audience are researchers studying human interaction in virtual spaces. Video of the navigations can be analyzed to improve interactivity and usability. A third intended audience is educators. Teachers can record navigations for students, students can explore locations of interest and interact with each other in that shared space.

Export: Projects can be exported as QuickTime or MP4 linear movies with relevant metadata.

Metadata: The new ThoughtConduit features a sophisticated metadata editor for media files. Any exported file can include all the necessary metadata for your media to provide the best experience on playback. This functionality is also provided in our ThoughtConduit Media Tools framework which can be licensed by other developers.

Speech Recognition: The entire user interface can be controlled with speech commands, allowing for hands free operation. You can speak commands to navigate VR as well as use commands to control the transport for recording and playback.

Open Track Format:One of fundamental changes in ThoughtConduit is the ability to create specific tracks for capturing all types of live actions or environmental events. We're opening the track format so that other developers can incorporate new kinds of data capture and playback from within the application.

We're very excited about the future of ThoughtConduit. We think that excitement will be contagious. If you wish to join the beta group, please contact us.

ThoughtConduit v19.9.2B