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Quicktime VR Support Added
ThoughtConduit Client now allows control of Quicktime VR panoramic movies with Open Sound Control. When used in conjunction with Essential Reality's P5 Glove, users can navigate through the panoramas with hand gestures. ...


OSC Support and Enhanced Interface Updates
A bi-product of Sensory Research's "Sequential Progression" show is that ThoughtConduit now has built-in support for Open Sound Control. This means the both the client application and server can communicate with audio, video and multimedia applications (MAX/MSP, Common LISP, Csound) that support OSC...


ThoughtConduit provides many different services for archiving media, blogging, podcasting, Virtual Reality and Second Life. We've designed the system to work well for both novice and advanced users. To help get you started, here are some links to our most popular tutorials. Some of the tutorials are...

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If you wish to find out more about the product, wish to see a demonstration, or for any publicity requests, please contact us using any one of the following......

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ThoughtConduit Media Tools v1.0
For nearly a decade, Sensory Research has provided the best in interactive multimedia creation, distribution and enjoyment. Now it's time to provide the fruits of that labor to the greater community and support further research. To that end, I'm happy to announce ThoughtConduitMediaTools v.1.0. We'v...

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Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) Support
This document outlines the procedure for using CSS to modify the way a site looks. ...

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ThoughtConduit 10
ThoughtConduit 10 Includes the following enhancements....


How to Submit Feedback
This document outlines the methods for contacting Sensory Research....

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