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News : ThoughtConduit Media Tools v1.0
For nearly a decade, Sensory Research has provided the best in interactive multimedia creation, distribution and enjoyment. Now it's time to provide the fruits of that labor to the greater community and support further research. To that end, I'm happy to announce ThoughtConduitMediaTools v.1.0. We've distilled the core technology of our applications into a simple package so that it can be harnessed directly by other developers and end users.

The system consists of a Cocoa framework and a command line application which allow you to read/write QuickTime movie and MP4 metadata, chapters, plain text tracks, HREF tracks, and more. Using a handful of command line arguments with a simple xml configuration file, you can create rich media files for download, streaming and podcast. In particular, we've focused on AudioBook and QTVR integration, support of which have been lacking in both the end user and developer communities.

Sensory Research has posted the ThoughtConduitMediaTools v.1.0 API as well as other important documentation. Feel free to take a peak. The framework and command line tool are available as a bundle for licensing to end users and developers. Contact us for more info.

More ThoughtConduit Media Tools 1.1 Information

Also, we've just finished completion of the first Cocoa port of our of flagship ThoughtConduit client application. The application will be available as a beta on February 11. Contact us to join the program.

Sensory Research broke new ground many years ago, before words like "podcasting", "blogs", "interactive media" "social networking" were even defined. We continue on that path, providing you with the future of multimedia and interactive software

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