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The news system allows authorized members to post timely messages to the site. The News operates on a blog-like system. As soon as a message is submitted, it's publicly available. The message can be edited later by authorized members.

    Creating a news message:
  1. Log into the site with your name and password
  2. Click on the "News" link under the Group menu on the left side.
  3. Click the "New Message" button in the top right corner of the page
  4. You can now modify the message's subject, date, content and tags. You can also enter the path to an image that will display with the news item.
  5. To save the changes to the message, click the "Save" button. The message will be assigned a message ID number, as well as creation and modification dates. The modification date will be updated each time you edit the message.
  6. When you are completed editing the message, simply click "Done" to return to the News page.
    Linking to a news message:
  1. Simply hold your cursor over the "Link" link and ctrl-click to copy the URL. You can then paste it elsewhere.

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