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ThoughtConduit is a system for recording, archiving, querying and replaying information from our sensory environment. It's a versatile tool that can be used in a variety of settings for capturing audio, image and sensor information in real time

The System: The ThoughtConduit System consists of two primary components: The Web Server Framework and the desktop Client Application. The Web framework allows access to many ThoughtConduit features from virtually any modern web browser. The client application provides facilities for capturing real-time information, and provides communication between other clients and the web server.

Membership: ThoughtConduit supports multiple user groups, each with their own respective projects and access privileges.

Services: ThoughtConduit provides the following services to all user groups:
  • Site Configuration: ThoughtConduit web sites are based on templates that allow for the control over virtually all HTML page attributes. Users can clone existing templates or create their own.

  • Blogging: The news system allows authorized members to post timely messages to the site. The News operates on a blog-like system. As soon as a messag is submitted, it's publicly available. The message can be edited later by authorized members.

  • Calendar: The calendar service provides a way of listing events for your group/organization. There are also public calendars, where users can sumbit suggestions for calendar listings. Group managers can simply click a button to include the submission in the public calendar.

  • Production: The production system (Client) provides audio/video recording and editing for any Quicktime supported media format.

  • Cataloging: Locally produced recordings or other materials can be cataloged with relevant information. The catalog can also be bridged to the Business Suite to allow for sales distribution.

  • Business: ThoughtConduit provides a full featured store-front/e-commerce business solution. Product description, price and pictures can be added to the databases via a simple form or through the desktop application. A powerful search engine allows clients to accurately locate products of all categories. After the items are selected, the client simply fill out a few fields to submit their order. The catalog system can take payment using credit card, check, Paypal and cash.

  • Project Management: Tools for planning, organizing, and distributing projects. Members can utilize chat and discussion forums for project management. Each project type has additional features and tools revelent to its needs.

  • Automatic Update: ThoughtConduit is a database driven internet application. The web site system is updated regularly with bug fixes and new features. Each time you log into the site, you can view a list of these changes. The desktop application is also dynamic. There's no installation required. Using the latest Java Networking technology, the desktop application can be download from the site and updated every time it's launched.
Project Types: ThoughtConduit currently supports the following project types:
  • Multimedia Projects: Tools to manage recordings and their metadata. These projects includes basic cataloging information such as date, name, description. They also have advanced features such as discussion threads, link management, streaming and download link generation.
  • Streaming Radio Stations: Tools to manage a streaming internet radio station. Administrators can capture, encode, stream and archive live sources. There are also tools to help with scheduling DJ's and handling other station managment tasks. ThoughtConduit Radio Stations provide interaction with listeners. They can download a copy of the ThoughtConduit desktop application to browse the archives or chat live with the DJ and other listeners.
  • Software Projects: ThoughtConduit provides programmers with tools for managing softare projects. Members can archive code, discuss changes, and post bugs. ThoughtConduit Software Projects provide basic code download as well as a very unique feature: A public SOAP API that allows members to retrieve the uncompiled code from the database. Client applications can then compile this code right on the desktop. This feature can be used to provide "Network Updates" to 3rd party applications.
  • Events: ThoughtConduit provides tools to plan media events. Managers can schedule times, allocate resources and distribute publicity. Events can also be connected to the other managment tools. This allows ThoughtConduit to be used by administrators of businesses and educational Audio/Video departments.

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